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6 Ways to Improve Sleep Quality and Duration

Updated: May 22

We all know that a lack of sleep comes with some physical and cognitive disadvantages... (at least I hope we all know that). Not getting adequate sleep can impact various areas of your life such as alertness, sex drive, and even your immune system.

Woman Sleeping

Here's 6 ways to improve sleep quality and duration:

  1. Create a Set Bedtime - Establish a realistic time to go to bed. Your brain likes predictability and regularity.

  2. Sleep in a Dark(er) Room - Don't just turn the lights off, use either blackout curtains or an eye mask to help keep the room dark.

  3. Lower the Temperature - For the most comfortable sleep, its recommended to maintain a room temperature of 65-68°F.

  4. Reduce Screen Time - Stop the doom scroll and put the phone down 1-2 hours before bed to allow your brain to unwind.

  5. Limit Alcohol Consumption - While alcohol may help with falling asleep, it has been shown to negatively impact quality of sleep tremendously.

  6. Supplementation - Supplements such as magnesium glycinate and tart cherry juice have been shown to increase depth and duration of sleep.

Establishing healthier sleep habits will ultimately lead to enhanced levels of physical and cognitive function which in turn will increase overall health-span. For new parents and shift workers it can and will be extremely challenging to get a routine going, but it helps to focus on the things you're in control of rather than trying to tackle everything all at once.

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